'The TSAA is a professional organisation which aims to support, mentor, provide professional learning and advice and promote excellence to our colleagues, as well as liaise with the Department of Education and forward updated information to all school administrators.'

TSAA Executive Committee

 The Executive Committee consists of 14 members :

Four members from the North West – Primary, Secondary, College or District High School

Four members from the North – Primary, Secondary, College or District High School

Six members from the South – Primary, Secondary, College or District High School

Please email committee member and send any comments, agenda items etc for the next executive meeting to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Debra Lade 2016 


Debra Lade
Scottsdale Primary School

 Sharon Sutczak 2016

Deputy Chairperson
Sharon Sutczak
Brighton Primary School

Jodi Smith 2016

Jodi Smith 
Lauderdale Primary School

Libby Ashlin 2016

 Assistant Secretary
Libby Ashlin
Lindisfarne Primary School

Linda Lovell 2016

Linda Lovell
Lilydale District High School

 Kate Lucas 2016

Assistant Treasurer
Kate Lucas
Margate Primary School

Gail Reeves 2016

Gail Reeves
Sorell School

  Thomas Mulligan 2016

Thomas Mulligan
Scottsdale High School

Kathy Dance 2016

Kathy Dance 
Cygnet Primary School

Andrea Miller 2016

Andrea Miler
Table Cape Primary School

Jan Robertson 2016

Jan Robertson
Hellyer College

Ali Oates 2016

Ali Oates
Smithton High School

Lisa Bean 2016

Lisa Bean
St Marys District School

 Gail Mclaren 2016

Gail McLaren
East Devonport Primary School