'The TSAA is a professional organisation which aims to support, mentor, provide professional learning and advice and promote excellence to our colleagues, as well as liaise with the Department of Education and forward updated information to all school administrators.'

TSAA - "The Voice Of Tasmanian School Administrators"

Welcome to the TSAA website.

The objectives of the Association are to provide an effective network of members for the purpose of fostering inter-school relations and providing appropriate professional development. The TSAA's specific responsibilities are to provide appropriate development and training of members, to promote efficiencies within schools and to facilitate common practices and approaches among members.

Membership of the Association is available to the Senior Administrator in all Department of Education schools and colleges. The TSAA is affiliated with the following Associations and groups -

  • Clerical Association
  • TSAA regional groups                                                                                                       
  • SAAF
  • SASP

It is a valuable experience to be able to engage with Department Representatives and colleagues in having input into the decision making processes for all – we can make a difference!